The Past Year: Traveling Light

The Past Year: Traveling Light

Nearly two years ago The New Yorker published a piece entitled "Goodbye, Cameras", about the evolution of photography equipment. The article struck a chord with me. Traveling with my large, heavy Nikon D800 was not always an ideal experience. Such a sizable piece of equipment can be intimidating to subjects in front of the lens, and carrying so much weight was sometimes more of a chore than a pleasure, particularly on long walks and hikes. Nonetheless, the D800 provides incredible image quality, and so I continued to lug it around with me nearly everywhere I traveled. About a year ago I decided to embark on a bit of an experiment and give the smaller Sony E-mount a chance and purchased an A6000 (review here). This post is a follow-up to that review, and a bit of a showcase for my photography over the past year.

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Big Move to the West Coast!

I've just made the move from Boston to San Francisco, and I'm very excited to tackle all that the West coast has to offer. I'll continue posting more reviews, tutorials, and tips over the coming years.

For the time being, enjoy these photos from my road trip out West.

Devil's Garden (Arches National Park)

Passageway (Antelope Canyon)

Prescribed Burn (Grand Canyon)

Layers of Time (Death Valley)