The Cityscape: An Urban Portrait

A cityscape is landscape-like photo of a city, typically taken from an elevated perspective, depicting an urban area in near completeness. There's something incredibly inspirational about viewing a city or neighborhood in such a way. Instead of a collection of streets and buildings, it becomes something that triggers the imagination and fills the mind with possibilities. It becomes a whole thing - something with a personality, and the photo in turn becomes a portrait of the city.

One of my favorite ways of getting to know an unfamiliar city is to take its portrait. I do some research, seek out an elevated location, and attempt to make a cityscape. The act of scouting a location helps familiarize me with a new area. The resulting photo becomes my initial connection to the city, and a wellspring for the rest of my visit. Granted, it's a somewhat superficial connection, but it's a great introduction to an unknown place. 

Seattle, WA

Boston, MA

San Francisco, CA

New York, NY

Porto, Portugal

Vancouver, BC