Real-Time GPS Tagging Surveyor Update: 2.2.0

A quick update on my photo tagging surveyor software, version 2.2.0: there are some new features and fixes since the last blog post (about v.2.1.2), which are worth mentioning.

  • Watermark / EXIF label settings are now kept in history. This means that each photo will be tagged with the information that was selected when it was taken, not when it arrived on the computer. Previously, this delay could cause problems, since users would occasionally finish shooting a set of photos and quickly change the watermark information before they finished processing. No need to worry about this anymore.
  • The base-36 time hash-text on the Camera-GPS time difference acquisition screen is now re-sizable using +/- buttons. Erroneous entries are now handled correctly, too.
  • Manual watermarker tool now has a date-picker instead of a text entry box.
  • The status information text area has improved messages, utilizing multiple colors (errors in red, important non-errors in blue).
  • Font and border scaling defaults button is fixed.
  • Tweaked some defaults.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Download the latest version from the software section of the website. Older versions, with the changelog, are available on the downloads page.