Real-Time GPS Tagging Surveyor Update: 2.1.2

I've added some fixes to the Tagging Surveyor software, along with a fantastic new feature: the ability to save GPS Coordinate History as a file, and then load this history to reprocess photos at a later time. This is a powerful feature that should give everyone a bit more peace-of-mind. No more worrying about whether you got it exactly right on the first try!

To use this feature, do the following:
  1. Before starting photo tagging, verify that the Hours of GPS History to Keep on the Camera-GPS Time Sync tab is set sufficiently high (5+ hours).
  2. At the end of your tagging session (or even during), save the GPS Coordinate History file (*.gch) by going to the Tools menu, and clicking Save GPS Coordinate History.
  3. When you're ready to reprocess your original files, load the GPS Coordinate History file (*.gch) by going to the Tools menu, and clicking Load GPS Coordinate History. After the history file has been loaded and your monitor & output directories have been set, you can begin reprocessing by going to the Tools menu again, and clicking Start Reprocessing Run
That's it! However, it's important to note that the Camera-GPS Time Difference be set correctly for this to work accurately. Verify that this time-difference is set precisely before you begin!

Download the latest version from the software section of the website. Older versions are available in the downloads page.